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IT Security

IT Security is a subject, which is fast becoming very important as more and more people are becoming digitally connected or wired. It is important for computer users to understand the basics of security in a networked environment. It is observed that well-trained and experienced experts can take care of the IT Security well. We will talk about the concept to make you understand the risks involved for functioning without proper IT Security and how to deal with them.
Let's now see who can attack your networked environment. The answer is simple - it can be any one with bad intensions and who has access to your environment. Then the question that comes to our mind - how can the attacker gain access to your environment? The attacker can gain access to your networked environment and then to your equipment through any connection that you have to the outside world. This includes Internet connections, dial-up modems, etc. This may also happen through someone with adequate system knowledge, who is working in your organisation with short-term assignment. He may start looking for passwords, data phone numbers and other vulnerabilities of your networked or wired environment to get access to your system or equipment.
To address this threat all possible avenues of entry must be identified and evaluated. Then there has to be a security policy, on acceptable risk levels, to provide consistent security at all entry points.
One must agree that by looking at the common types of attacks, one can come out with a list of practices that can help to prevent such security disasters resulting from such attacks. This list will also bring out guidelines to control the damage in the event of failure of the preventative measures to stop such attacks.
Most common tool used to create a barrier to keep destructive forces away is called a Firewall. The job of a firewall of IT Security is similar to a physical firewall, which keeps away a fire from spreading from one area to the next.
For communicating with the out side world many organisation build up a special dedicated channel or tannel. This dedicated channel of comminication is called VPN or Virtual Private Network. VPNs provide a private channel over the Internet between the two communicating locations.
For implementing IT Security it is important to spend time with either in-house experts or with experienced consultant. First one must formulate the organization's security policy, and then design and build a firewall architecture that best implement that policy. One must also remember that the security policy may change with time and due to expansion of operation. So, apart from the issue of convenience, scalability of the design should be an factor to take into account.