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IT Infrastructure

As we are becoming more and more IT dependant, use of software applications for managing day-to-day business is now a reality. Setting up IT Infrastructure of an organisation will involve activities to create the infrastructure to run those software applications efficiently.
Organisational requirements determine the size of the IT Infrastructure and its design criticality.
The IT Infrastructure requirements will be different for a very small business establishment, e.g. a single location operation of a small grocery shop, etc. and a very large business establishment, e.g. a multi location operation manufacturing unit, etc.
The other factors which makes the requirements change drastically are the number of software applications being planned to be used and the number of users being expected to use the facility.
Planning the provision for future growth is an important factor, which must be taken into account while planning the infrastructure. Some times it is not easy to plan the future growth properly at the beginning, and the growth planned initially may get drastically curtailed due to business reasons. So, one must plan the IT Infrastructure where both the situations are well taken care off.
The other consideration during planning will be the effect of obsolescence of IT technology, which may make unavailability of maintenance support. Generally new technologies are evolving every day and a today's technology may become obsolete within next 4 to 5 years.
Now a days it is almost impossible to run business operation without using Internet, which is the cheapest mode of communication with the outside world. Due to Internet access the IT Infrastructure planning has become a bit complicated and it has become mandatory to keep provision for proper guard against virus attacks and possible attacks from hackers.
For a multi location business establishment, successful transfer of information between offices depends on the available long distance data communication infrastructure. Proper planning of the data communication infrastructure is also very important.