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Planning and creating website

You do not need huge IT infrastructure to create a simple website to make your organisation's presence in the Internet. For the organisations who are planning to launch a website for the first time, we suggest not to go for a very complicated design in the beginning. One can easily enhance the website with advanced technologies with improved design and richer contents in phases.
A website is identified by a domain name. The domain name is linked to a server, called hosting server, where the contents one wishes the people to access are kept. By using the domain name, people land into the hosting server and get access to the content kept for viewing.
Website creation process involves the following three main steps:
Step 1: Register a domain name for the website.
Step 2: Arrange a web hosting server for hosting the website.
Step 3: Build the website.
The hosting server will remain operational so that people can access the server 24x7. Building website will involve the following two major activities:

  1. Designing the website and writing the programming code
  2. Uploading the contents into hosting server