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Print Publication

Under 'IT Infrastructure' planning you will find how one should plan IT Infrastructure for running a business operation. The planning process for setting up the IT Infrastructure for bringing out a print publication will include certain additional activities mainly to take care of the requirements of publishing.
It will be easy for one to understand those additional requirements, once the digital production workflow for a print publication is discussed.
Digital production workflow
To simplify the understanding, one can divide the process into the following four activities.

  1. Collection of information for creation of content.
  2. Creation of content.
  3. Selection of font.
  4. Creation of pages for printing.

Collection of information for creation of content
'Collection of content' process will vary and will depend on the type of publication. For example – for newspaper the content will consist of news, photos, graphics, advertisements, etc. whereas for a book the content will consist of story or stories, illustrations or photos, etc.
Creation of content
'Creation of content' process will involve mainly processing of the raw information gathered in Part I. For the production of newspapers this process is essential and covers considerable portion of the total production process. On the other hand, for brining out a 'book', the creation process may not be so relevant because the most of the authors will provide the ready-to-print content in digital form, which will get published (normally) without any change or modification. For the authors, who still believe in hand-written scripts, an additional step will be necessary for digitising those hand written scripts by feeding the text into a computer.
Selection of font
A font is a group of characters representing a language. In English all characters are unique but in Indian language there are conjunct characters and hence there is no character to character relationship. Selection of font is made considering the available production environment. Read more about font in 'font selection' section.
Creation of pages
'Creation of pages' for printing is the last part of the production process, after which the pages go for printing. One may appreciate that creation of pages in this context means digital page making. Some of the very commonly used page making tools are QuarkXPress, PageMaker, InDesign, etc.